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 +**NAVI EG F2F meeting in Japan(Nagoya) 27/​Sep/​2016**
 +**1.The use of the OSS navi (gps-navi: https://​​gpsnavi)**
 +  * We develop the OSS navi for the purpose of inspection of API and a demonstration.
 +  * About the function, we just use the existing function, but the lacking function will be develop stubs to check API definition.
 + ​action items:
 +   * For CES demo, I’ll confirm whether OSS navi +OpenStreetMap DB can be available or not. 
 +   * Because CES is North America, I’ll confirm whether North American DB can be available or not.
 +**2.Inspection of GENIVI API**
 +  * We start to share and analyze NAVI-API of GENIVI from October
 +  * About the license, we are going to adopt manageable licenses such as BSD, MIT
 + ​action items:
 +   * Make a proposal of the charge list by next the meeting.
 +   * Make a proposal about the license by next the meeting.
 +**3.About a CES demonstration**
 +  * AW is going to develop a Navi function(POI search) for CES
 +  * Opentable may be available in North America
 + ​action items:
 +   * About the cluster correspondence(display the map in cluster display), AW require the specification of the environment that Renesas will provide.
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