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-===== Meeting Minutes ===== +==== October 9, 2019 ==== 
 +Face to face meeting@Web 
 +  * In AMM held in 22-23 days in October, the SUZUKI is going to present a Keynote session about IC EG Yamaguchi-san,​ Tanikawa-san,​ Mitsunari-san are going to present a session about IC EG’s Architecture. 
 +  * Going to make a report of Presentation contents in AMM. 
 +  * IC EG’s opinion is not unified, therefore We are going to hold a discussion about architecture and functional layout. 
 +  *We assigned each operation to each enterprise. But, There is the operation that no one is assigned. If anyone would like to be in charge of an operation, please call to Suzuki.
 ==== August 27, 2019 ==== ==== August 27, 2019 ====
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