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 Find your local number: https://​​u/​ameRude4a Find your local number: https://​​u/​ameRude4a
 +==== June 3rd, 2020 ====
 +Web meeting.
 +Attendees:​Honda,​ Mazda, BOSCH, Panasonic, Continental,​ Aisin-AW, NipponSeiki,​ DENSO, Suzuki
 +    * We confirmed the task progress of each task. None of the tasks were noteworthy, but the need for funding for Fast Boot needs to be reconfirmed.
 +   * We are looking for a person in charge. If you oversee it, please issue a ticket individually at contact Haraki by email.
 +    * The relationship between the profile of IC EG and the original profile of AGL should be clarified in the future. In the future, it is necessary to discuss the policy among the parties concerned.
 +   ​* ​ Architecture over view : We has discussed function block assignment and cluster container overview. We plan to pursue three contents about discuss implement model. ​
 +[Draft]Architecture overview
 + ​{{https://​​display/​IC/​AGL+Instrument+Cluster+Physical+architecture}}
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 Attendees:​Honda,​ Mazda, BOSCH, Panasonic, Continental,​ Aisin-AW, NipponSeiki,​ Suzuki Attendees:​Honda,​ Mazda, BOSCH, Panasonic, Continental,​ Aisin-AW, NipponSeiki,​ Suzuki
-  *We confirmed ​+  *We confirmed ​the state of each task on IC EG. 
 +  *Participating in the ELISA workshop in Yamaguchi-San and Haraki, ICEG and ELISA shared information between each other. 
 +  *We shared IC EG goal and output image for each task. 
 +  *We will create schedule of each task and over all of IC EG. 
 +  *Next meeting is June 3,2020. 
 ==== March 26, 2020 ==== ==== March 26, 2020 ====
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