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 +==== August 6, 2020 ====
 +Attendees: Walt, Scott, Li, Thomas, Kurokawa, Furuta, Kimura, Nomoto, Monden, Michael
 +   * [[:​agl-roadmap#​from_connectivity_eg|2020 Roadmap]] for Connectivity EG
 +   * Toyota Bluetooth Presentation by Nomoto-san. ​
 +     * SPEC-3283 created as an epic to track all of the use cases. ​ Nomoto-san or Ohiwa-san will add new Jira tickets for each use case and link them to the epic. We can start to review off-line and review in the next connectivity meeting. ​
 +     * Link to presentation
 +     * Reviewed the registration use cases
 +   * 4/2 - Nomoto-san presented updated use cases and got feedback. ​
 +   * 4/16 - Nomoto-san reviewed the remaining use cases in the spreadsheet which was uploaded to SPEC-3283. Scott and Matt will add columns to the spreadsheet to respond with what should already be supported in the platform (and needs a UI update) vs what is new platform work. 
 +   * 4/30 - Review a little of the platform vs. app breakdown provided by Scott. Toyota will review off-line for the next meeting, Nomoto-san is working on sequence charts based on their work for the next meeting, Scott is concerned that trying to put the Denso-Ten API into AGL does not fit the application framework model and switching over to the Denso-Ten API would be a radical change for the AGL architecture. So we would like a statement of what the goal of using the Denso-Ten API is.  Ideally we would have a short presentation from Toyota and Denso-Ten on what the goals of the effort are and whether they intend to use the AGL App FW and turn in another direction. ​
 +   * 5/12 - Nomoto-san presented two documents. One with a [[https://​​secure/​attachment/​13116/​20200514_BTFunctionRequirementPlan.pptx | plan for Bluetooth development]] and [[https://​​secure/​attachment/​13117/​20200514_SequenceDiagram.xlsx | one document]] with sequence diagrams with a discussion of the Denso Ten API.  A lot of feedback was provided on the need for having the Denso API added with an additional middleware layer that does not seem to add any benefit to the AGL implementation. Toyota and Denso Ten will discuss internally before the next meeting. Kusakabe-san verified that there is no code that will be shared by Denso Ten as part of the implementation. ​
 +   * 6/11 - Toyota presented a revised version of their plan.   The concern with the Toyota proposal is that it will introduce extra complexity without any real benefit towards meeting their use cases. Also, there is no code included from Denso-Ten so everything except the API would be implemented from scratch. It was agreed to review the Konsulko proposal from earlier this year regarding improvements to the BT binding and implementation as well as their analysis of the Toyota use cases. Hanaoka-san'​s concern is that we meet the roadmap approved by the AB and SC. 
 +   * 6/25 - Reviewed the presentation from Walt to summarize the current status of the EG. Kimura-san would like to review the proposal from Konsulko and propose a reduced API set. Kimura-san clarified that the implementation of the API uses a proprietary third-party Bluetooth stack and cannot be open sourced due to contract restrictions. ​
 +   * 7/9 - Toyota and Denso-Ten agreed to the proposal that we have Konsulko work through the priority list and propose an abstraction layer to allow BlueZ to be easily replaced by a proprietary stack. Konsulko will propose an initial plan in two weeks at the next Connectivity EG including identifying any upstream BlueZ or ofono work that may impact the schedule. ​
 +   * 8/6 - Discussed the impact of the new Product Readiness effort on the Bluetooth and Tuner updates since the App Framework will most likely be replaced and the Bluetooth and Tuner work greatly depends on the binder implementation. ​ Toyota and Denso Ten will come back with some new ideas on how to proceed within the Connectivity EG in the next month or so. 
 +   * Discussed RHSA proposal to re-use the TI BT/Wifi chip from the KF board rather than the Qualcomm chip
 +     * TI chip has not worked well on the KF board and we have disabled it on the M3 and have not used it for H3 in months. ​
 +     * BT HFP - SCO audio not properly supported over UART on the WiLink 7/8. It uses PCM which is not generally supported. We have not tried to make a call using the KF BT due to these issues. ​ We are not sure if PipeWire will work, but we do know for sure that PulseAudio will not work. 
 +     * Antenna in KF design is terrible. The signal strength drops off even two feet away to be not usable. The antenna part of the KF design needs to be redesigned ​ if we use it in the RHSA board. ​
 +     * Scott will try out making calls using the KF BT chip to see if PipeWire works today on KF. 
 +     * 3/5 - Scott'​s testing revealed that the TI chip does not work and would require effort to get audio working, In light of that the SC decided to build the reference hardware with the Qualcomm chip and use the existing dongles for the initial development while we work with QC on a way to redistribute the firmware. ​
 +     * 23/7 - Units to be shipped soon.
 +       ​*  ​
 +   * Vehicle Signaling
 +       * 01/23
 +         * https://​​en/​latest/​how_to_build_on_linux/​
 +         * Otherwise no update
 +       * 2/6 - No update
 +       * 3/5 - Romain not on the call. Would like the CANOE DBC to JSON tool upstreamed or more fully developed for AGL (SPEC-3257)
 +       * 3/19 - Scott investigating CAN lock ups that are seen in the green machine demo unit. 
 +         * Some USB CAN Adapters ​
 +           * Thomas is using https://​​usbtin/​
 +           * Scott is using https://​​product-detail/​en/​APGDT002/​APGDT002-ND/​2217607
 +       * 4/2 - Scott received from new hardware, but has been busy with dunfell upgrade.
 +       * 4/16 - Nothing to report from Scott, Thomas is working on a conversion tool from Canoe DBC to AGL JSON and has had some success with the first message. ​
 +       * 4/30 - No updates
 +       * 5/14 - Thomas hopes to have the converter for the CAN messages in the next two weeks. ​
 +       * 7/9 - Thomas is back working on the project.
 +       * 7/23 - Thomas has issues with the low-can binding wrt adding own messages: https://​​g/​agl-dev-community/​message/​8528
 +         * It is undocumented how to produce the new plugin scheme for the messages
 +         * Scott will compare the documentation vs. the codebase
 +         * Thomas works on https://​​walzert/​agl-js-api/​tree/​master/​src ​
 +       * 8/6 - Scott asked about plan to use CAN in the Trial version of Production Readiness plan. Nomoto-san confirmed that it includes continuing to use the existing AGL can-low-level service. ​
 +   * Bluetooth and Wifi Updates
 +     * 01/23
 +       * Bluetooth/​audio (George)
 +         * Mediaplayer working (audio via bluetooth)
 +         * Phone needs work, issues with multiple mic inputs
 +         * bluetooth is a client in pw currently. better would be an integrated handling for bluetooth.
 +         * preference of a mic(/​speaker) can be declared as property, need to think about alias names (be it '​zones'​ or $name)
 +     * 2/6 - Updated the roadmap. ​
 +     * 3/5- No update on audio
 +     * 4/2 - No update on audio
 +   * Telematics requirements and reference device ​
 +     * Is there a use case for simultaneous connection of a hardwired phone and a Bluetooth phone? Need to check with OEMs on their system architecture. ​ If so presents and architecture complication that needs to be thought through. ​
 +     * Jana clarified the potential requirements for a silver box that there is the possibility for multiple network connections in a telematics device. Could be hardwired modem + Bluetooth telephony from a personal device + Wifi at the same time. 
 +     * Also possible for IVI system to have multiple Bluetooth phones connected to a silver box or IVI system and have to support multiple phone books (for one or separate users). ​
 +     * Encryption of personal user data. 
 +     * Panasonic will think about reference hardware that can use for Telematics reference hardware. ​
 +     * 8/22 - No update
 +     * 9/5 - No update
 +     * 11/28 - No feedback
 +     * 01/23 - No feedback
 +     * 02/06 - No feedback
 +     * 03/05 - Work stopped until additional requirements are received or someone makes additional contributions, ​
 +   * New radio/ tuner architecture (SPEC-3310)
 +     * 3/19 - Kusakabe-san has been busy with another hot project. Will wait another two weeks. ​
 +     * 4/2 - Kusakabe-san reviewed a document that was posted in [[https://​​browse/​SPEC-3311 | SPEC-3311]] that defines an example radio hardware block diagram. ​
 +     * 5/14 - No update from Kusakabe-san. ​
 +     * 6/11 - Kimura-san taking over from Kusakabe-san. Will prepare something for the next call. 
 +     * 6/25 - Reviewed the presentation in SPEC-3310. Scott proposed V4L2 as a possible API for AGL to use to the tuner since Konsulko has some experience integrating V4L2 as a tuner interface with other customers. Denso-Ten will review some more and make another proposal. ​
 +       * Thomas showed the [[Monkey Board | https://​​products/​85-developmentboard/​80-dab-fm-digital-radio-development-board]] as another option for hardware integration,​. ​
 +       * 7/7 - Denso-Ten is interested in learning more about V4L2 implementation for tuner. Kimura-san said that at the next call Denso-Ten could prepare a use case document like Toyota did for Bluetooth that we can review as the basis for the work going forward. ​
 +       * 8/8 - See Bluetooth discussion above
 ==== July 23, 2020 ==== ==== July 23, 2020 ====
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