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 ==== May 16, 2019 ==== ==== May 16, 2019 ====
-Attendees: //Upcoming Meeting// +Attendees: ​Walt, Romain, Scott, Michael, Chris, Jana 
 + * Review [[:​agl-roadmap#​from_connectivity_eg|2018 Roadmap]] for Connectivity EG 
 +   * Vehicle Signaling 
 +       * 4/4  
 +         * J1939 work continues. Plan is to make the HH release. Team is looking for J1939 CAN data for playback and testing.  
 +       * 4/18 
 +         * J1939 work continues. Subscription to J1939 in Low Level CAN binder is in progress. First drop RC1 or RC2 for HH.  
 +         * SPEC-2312 work in progress. Bug found in GG.  
 +       * 5/16 
 +         * J1939 work is in a sandbox, but not pushed to master yet. Requires kernel version 4.19 so testing has been taking place using QEMU. Need to check the kernel version that will be available with Renesas BSP version 3.19. Will need to make J1939 an optional feature prior to merging the sandbox due to the kernel issue.  
 +         * Romain pointed us to http://​​docs/​en/​master/​apis_services/​reference/​signaling/​3-Usage.html#​write-on-can-buses for documentation on how to write to the CAN bus.  
 +   * Bluetooth and Wifi Updates 
 +     * 2/7 - rewrite of the bindings is complete 
 +     * 2/21 - New conmann being backported by Matt to fix the excessive scanning issues.  
 +     * 3/21 - Backport of connman complete. Working on Bluetooth pairing issue and making it more robust. Raquel looking at adding IP addresses to settings app.   
 +     * 4/18 - Raquel working on settings app. Matt looking at MAP support and messaging app. MAP not very well supported within Bluez.  
 +     * 5/16 - Raquel in progress on settings app. Waiting on Walt for an icon. Matt has an initial version MAP working.  
 +   * NFC - Use of NFC for user identification.  
 +     * 4/18 - Nothing to report. T-Systems looking at identity binding and using NFC more extensively.  
 +   * Telematics reference device using built in modem support 
 +     * Minimal image being tested 
 +     * 3/21 - On hold due to thud uprev 
 +     * 4/4 - On hold for thud uprev.  
 +     * 4/18 - Scott is populating repos for both guppy and master. Looking at different modems.  
 +     * 5/16 - Scott testing telematics on guppy 7.0.2. Looking into Bluez and ophono support for multiple simultaneous connections. Probably will not work out of the box.   
 +   * Telematics requirements 
 +     * Is there a use case for simultaneous connection of a hardwired phone and a Bluetooth phone? Need to check with OEMs on their system architecture. ​ If so presents and architecture complication that needs to be thought through.  
 +     * Jana clarified the potential requirements for a silver box that there is the possibility for multiple network connections in a telematics device. Could be hardwired modem + Bluetooth telephony from a personal device + Wifi at the same time.  
 +     * Also possible for IVI system to have multiple Bluetooth phones connected to a silver box or IVI system and have to support multiple phone books (for one or separate users).  
 +     * Encryption of personal user data.  
 +     * Panasonic will think about reference hardware that can use for Telematics reference hardware.  
 +New Business:
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