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 === Meeting notes for February 18, 2020 === === Meeting notes for February 18, 2020 ===
-First Session Attendees://Upcoming Meeting//+First Session Attendees: ​Walt, Jan-Simon, Scott, Dennis, Edi, Romain, Aymeric, Johann, Thomas, Fred, Jose, Michael, Raquel, Marius, Armand, Leon, Paul, Ronan, Marc-Antoine,​ Lorenzo, Thierry, Salma, Path, Mani, Li, Dr, Yamaguchi, Kusakabe, Kurokawa, Mitsunari
-Second Session Attendees: ​//Upcoming Meeting// ​+Second Session Attendees: ​Walt, Scott, Matt, Dr. Y, Tanikawa, Jessie, Sekine
-=== Meeting notes for February 11, 2020 === 
-First Session Attendees://Upcoming Meeting//+  * Happy Halibut -  Will do an 8.0.6 once the next Yocto point release is made. We may do 8.0.6 after embedded World (week 10 - 06 March or so)  
 +     * 12/17 - Waiting on back port of audio fixes from George as well as policy manager changes.  
 +     * 1/7 - Need to retag 8.0.4 now that George'​s PipeWire and WirePlumber fixes are in.  
 +     * 1/14 - Edi and Jan-Simon on vacation so the release may not get sent out this week. Li was able test with Upsquare and RPI 3 and everything seemed ok.  
 +     * 1/21 - Edi tested 8.0.4 and tip of halibut so we will release it. 
 +     * 1/28 - Edi tested 8.0.5 and noted some problems with media player and Bluetooth especially on first boot. He filed SPEC-3140 to track it and we will add it the list of known problems in the release notes.  
 +     * 2/11 - Edi reporting seeing SPEC-3140 (no playlist in media player) even with no Bluetooth phone paired and on multiple boards (Intel and RPI).  One time left the system on for 20 minutes or so and the playlists appeared suddenly.  
 +       * Jose fixed SPEC-3175. Want to check criticality of it to determine if we need to drop an 8.0.6 sooner than expected.  
 +     * SPEC-3144 - Marius noted an issue (regression?​) using QEMU with an OBMF file. Will document the issue in a Jira ticket. Also will need to update the [[​master/​getting_started/​reference/​getting-started/​machines/​qemu.html#​deploying-the-agl-demo-image | doc page]]. May be due to Paul's update to using a single image for image. The image now uses UEFI boot instead of PC bios.  
 +       * Marius has a workaround so not a critical bug at this time, 
 +     * Bluetooth audio 
 +       * 12/17 - Bluetooth media player works initially on halibut, but is easy to break by switching back to local media. ​ It is possible that George'​s fixes to policy manager will improve this, but there is also an under run condition that cannot be explained by policy changes. Sandbox for the backport is sandbox/​jsmoeller/​halibut-pwupdate
 +       * 1/7 - Media player switching works well. Occasionally see under runs, but it is hard to reproduce. Mic switching is a problem when we run Alexa and the wake word engine. We prioritize the phone'​s mic over the vehicle mic and things get confusing. If the phone goes away the wake word engine does not work.  
 +       * 1/14 - George sent a fix that is in gerrit that may fix the problems with Bluetooth switching. Mic prioritization still needs to be worked out.  
 +       * 1/21 - Everything looks merged. Scott will open an issue for the mic/HFP  
 +       * 1/28 - Scott needs to write the Jira ticket.  
 +       * 2/4 - No update 
 +       * 2/11 - Scott was able to reproduce the issue and will document it in Jira today. Not just a mic problem but also a speaker problem.  
 +       * 2/18 - Jira issue.  
 +   * Window Manager integration 
 +     * 1/14 - Marius working on the new home screen and compositor. will continue the discussion tomorrow on the App FW call.  
 +     * 1/21 - Marius converted launcher and navigation demo. Issues with launching and managing applications being worked out with Jose, See [[https://​​g/​agl-dev-community/​topic/​af_binder_and_af_main/​69932650?​p=,,,​20,​0,​0,​0::​recentpostdate%2Fsticky,,,​20,​2,​0,​69932650 | this thread on the]]. ​ Sandbox will be posted to gerrit in the next day. Will set up a follow up call for Thursday. ​   
 +     * 1/28 - Marius in process of upstreaming compositor changes to gerrit.  
 +     * 2/4 - Need to get Marius use cases for how the apps and home screen services should interact and how they should be using the compositor. Who can work those out quickly and/or do we already have something written down? 
 +     * Second session: 
 +       * Home screen requirements not clear yet.  
 +       * Sample apps developed so far do not fit the existing QML applications. Wayland and AGL compositor implementation needs to be put into abstraction like qt-wayland.  
 +       * Will set up a video workshop sometime next week to get the latest status from Collabora, update their implementation status compared to September, and work through the requirements to complete the effort.  
 +     * 2/11 - Marius is creating a document that documents the changes has made to the compositor and window manager that we can use as the basis of a review next week. Will send it out to the community on Friday.  
 +     * 2/18 - See [[https://​​g/​agl-dev-community/​message/​8108 | Nick's email]] for Marius'​ latest status. ​  
 +   * Sancloud BBE  
 +     * 1/14 - Things look good. Nothing to report. Probably nothing to do until upgrade to Zeus.  
 +   * Web App Manager Updates from Lorenzo 
 +     * 1/21 - Web Apps broken on master since RC2. Igalia fixing for RC5. Halibut WAM is not well documented and people cannot get it to build either. ​ Web apps from CES are in process of being upstreamed to AGL.  
 +     * 1/28 - WAM fixes we uploaded and merged. Web Apps in flight for end of next week.  
 +     * 2/4 - SPEC-3153 and SPEC-2982 will be known issues at release of Icefish. ​ Will be getting the rest of the web apps moved from GitHub into gerrit by the end of the week.  
 +       * Second session: ​ Will this be back ported to Halibut for 8.0.6? ​ Konsulko looking how to implement the test cases (SPEC-3108).  
 +     * 2/11 - Not as simple as cherry picking a few changes to Halibut, so we will NOT back port the WAM updates and reference apps to Halibut.  
 +       * Scott reported an issue on Icefish with home screen being covered by the launcher (need a Jira ticket after rebuilding and retesting). Need to look at this before final Icefish release.  
 +     * 2/18 - Scott'​s issue resolved by Igalia on the latest Icefish branch. 
 +   * i.Mx8 support- ​ Manni 
 +     * 1/14 - Had some luck getting AGL minimal image up and running. Sounds like we need support from NXP to use the Vivante driver and will need some help from NXP to bypass the Vivante driver.  
 +     * 1/21 - Homescreen comes up, but apps do not run. Manni looking for help but board availability is limited in the community.  
 +     * 1/28 - i.mx8 running (etnaviv with 4.19 kernel?), but the response is very slow. Scott says that etnaviv support did not come in until the 5.4 kernel so Mani may be running with Vivante is some strange state.  
 +     * 2/4 - Now looking at SPEC-3149 - Added Marius as a watcher. Scott is flying back from Brussels. 
 +     * 2/11 - Making some progress. See SPEC-3149 for details.  
 +     * 2/18 - Got Vivante driver working. Having audio issues with PipeWire config. See SPEC-3183 for details.  
 +   * SPEC-3106 - CAN binding between the RPI4 and H3 in the CES demo would lock up occasionally. Only way we could figure out how to fix it was to reboot the boards. Need to try Romain'​s latest patches to see if this helps.  
 +     * 2/4 - Still saw lock ups during FOSDEM, but we were not running with Romain'​s patches.  
 +     * 2/18 - Matt looking at it and has not really reproduced it. Is able to use some new systemd features in zeus that should improve stability. ​ Will need to figure out if the back port is worthwhile. Matt can give us an estimate for the time.  
 +   * Itchy Icefish 
 +     * RC5 released.  
 +     * Icefish branch now active 
 +     * Everything from last week is merged. Edi [[https://​​g/​agl-dev-community/​message/​8107 | sent out a test report]] yesterday that looks good. 9.0.0 is tagged and build kicked off.  
 +     * Jose pointed out an issue with the AGL source code mirror where Cynagora is not showing up. Seems to have to do with using the source cache. Will write a Jira ticket.  
 +   * Jumping Jellyfish 
 +     * Uprev to zeus on next branch in progress. Scott has a bunch of commits queued up.   
 +     * Intel and Qemu looking ok. 
 +     * Renesas - done for M3/H3 as well Kingfisher  
 +     * TI - Zeus now available (initial version, not released yet). Paul needs to retest to see if Sancloud graphics acceleration is ok.   
 +     * i.MX6 builds - need a kernel config fix that Scott has, 
 +     * RPI 4 ok. RPI 3 not built or tested 
 +     * Alexa Auto SDK not explicitly supported. Scott has a fix to up rev to zeus.  
 +     * Jose will do the switch to cynagora for the dbus patches - in review 
 +     * 2/11 - Next branch builds for all targets. Should be ready pull next into master. First we should review the gitreview files to make sure they are correct then will put next into master. 
 +     * 2/18 - 3 changes still in review for next. Should be ready to pull into master later this week. We've been slowed down by CI issues.  
 +New Business: 
 +   * Dev call time in summer time. Japan team would like to keep the time as 9 am so start will be move to 7 pm Chicago time, DST starts March 8 in the US.  
 +=== Meeting notes for February 11, 2020 ===
-Second ​Session Attendees: ​//Upcoming Meeting// ​+First Session Attendees: ​Walt, Jan-Simon, Mani, Dennis. Michael, Fred, Paul, Jose, Edi, Marius, Leon, Lorenzo, Romain, Vincent, Ronan, Raquel, Salma, Li, Kusakabe, Hosokawa
 +Second Session Attendees: Walt, Scott, Matt, Mitsunari, Sekine, Jessie, Tanikawa
   * Happy Halibut - 8.0.5 final release was sent out    * Happy Halibut - 8.0.5 final release was sent out 
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