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 +==== July 2, 2020 ====
 +Attendees: Walt, Jan-Simon
 +   * DRM Lease RFQ - SPEC-3388
 +   * Fast Boot RFQ - SPEC-3371 -Reviewed the updated version that is uploaded in the Jira ticket. Added review comments in the ticket. ​
 +   * Toyota Update - No update. Will be providing an update to the Steering Committee and AB. Will review the proposal with the SAT on the July 17 SAT/EG meeting. ​
 +   * Reference Hardware was received in Yokohama. Will shipped out next week to members who requested it. 
 +     * Board documentation can be found on the [[https://​​eg-rhsa#​specification | RHSA EG group page]]
 +     * Scott commented that the documentation is insufficient without schematics for the boards. ​
 +     * Walt will request the schematics from Panasonic,
 +     * 7/2 -Reviewed the disclaimer in the RHSA manuals. ​
 +New Business:
 +    * DRM Lease RFQ will be sent out to mail list and the responses reviewed by the IC EG.
 +    * Sound System RFQ review. Nishiguchi-san will create a JIRA ticket for the review. ​ Would like George to take part in the review. Will ask George to participate in the July 17 SAT/EG meeting and added a time slot for the review.  ​
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