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 ==== June 11, 2019 ==== ==== June 11, 2019 ====
-Attendees: Walt, Jan-Simon, Ronan+Attendees: Walt, Jan-Simon, Ronan, Michael, Fulup, Sebastien, Stephane, Hosokawa, Marc, Kurokawa, Nakadachi, Kusakabe, Yamaguchi, Scott, Li 
 +Reviewed and updated the AGL LTS requirements and assumptions. https://​​x/​X4CP 
 +Took a quick look at the AGL Production Readiness Confluence page. Kusakabe-san said that he will be ready to show the Denso Ten review of AGL APIs at the next SAT meeting.  
 +Walt will send out the RHSA RFQ for review.  
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