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   * [[agl-distro:​agl-raspberrypi|Building AGL for Raspberry Pi]]   * [[agl-distro:​agl-raspberrypi|Building AGL for Raspberry Pi]]
   * [[start::​building_for_the_renesas_r-car_m2|Building AGL for Renesas Porter]]   * [[start::​building_for_the_renesas_r-car_m2|Building AGL for Renesas Porter]]
-  * [[http://​​docs/​getting_started/​en/​dev/​reference/​machines/​R-Car-Starter-Kit-gen3.html|Building AGL for Renesas Gen3 boards]]+  * [[http://​​docs/​getting_started/​en/​dev/​reference/​machines/​R-Car-Starter-Kit-gen3.html|Building AGL for Renesas Gen3 boards]]
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