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 +- How to reduce build of kernel in guest image
 +  - two options:
 +    - linux-dummy + custom headers install
 +      - Will try this firstly. Yamaguchi-san will provide his build setup to Jan-Simon and Scott, then Scott will work for some trial bbapends.
 +    - add NO_RECCOMENDS = "​1"​ for removing kernel image from filesystem image, building same kernel image twice only for building userland library
 +      - Pending
 +- Remove dtb install from
 +  - Jan-Simon will check.
 +- Additional kernel patches for 5.7 (firmware downloader problem)
 +  - Pending as of now, since linux-renesas will be upgraded to 5.10 on the next Lamprey release (12.1) and the problem will be gone.
 +- [ADDITIONAL] Problems with using 5.10 in latest IC demo
 +  - IC-EG needs some additional tweaks. Yamaguchi-san and Kurokawa-san will work on it
 +- Input support in guests (libudev-zero)
 +  - Maybe Daniel would know something about libudev-zero but he was absent from the call.
 +  - There are bunch of concerns about using libudev-zero but there are any good alternative idea so far. Need further researches.
 +  - Jan-Simon suggested to discuss about libinput instead of libudev first.
 +  - Yamaguchi-san will open a ticket for this.
 +- Improving iccom stack (Supporting netlink namespace)
 +  - No good suggestions/​ideas from attending members today.
 +- How to support pipewire in guest
 +  - Idea is that host-pipewire will assign some instance from it to the guest-pipewire. George will work on it.
 +  - Yamaguchi-san will send a invitation for IC-internal github group to George
 +- 2021 RFQ review
 +  - Support drm-lease devices in AGL compositor as same as weston does.
 +  - Implement configuration interface: lease device names, number of devices, etc
 +  - Support CI automated test for drm lease features
 +  - Secondary target boards for drm-lease: QEMU and raspbrrry-pi4
 +  - Target release date for each activities is end of Mar 2022
 +  - Constructor:​ IGEL would be good.
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