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App development SDK for Intel Minnowboard

Note this page is for Apps developers if you are interested in creating a bespoke image and BSP for IA please visit Intel Quick Start This SDK will create an Image which will work on most Intel 64 bits HW booting with UEFI, you can also work with the Intel images published for AGL for Intel as suport for the App developed with this SDK.

Installing the AGL building container

As the type of host that you use can affect greatly the building process (even with Yocto) AGL publishes a container ready to use which provides a working version of what you will need.

There is no dedicated SDK for Intel and the development SDK for Intel is the same as for the Porter Board. You will find the installation procedure for Windows, Mac and Linux here Follow chapters 1 to 4 depending of your setup.

Why do I need to build a SDK ?

Even if you build on an Intel PC for an Intel target, the CPU and Linux configurations are unlikely to match at 100%. The only reliable development model is to work in a cross-compilation like model which is provided by the SDK.

Building AGL reference image and SDK

In order to avoid any contamination of tools between ARM and IA which could lead to a broken build, please follow the next steps carefully.

1) Start the AGL development container

docker run \
--publish=2222:22 \
--publish=8000:8000 \
--publish=69:69/udp --publish=10809:10809 \
--detach=true --privileged \
--hostname=bsp-devkit --name=bsp-devkit \
-v /sys/fs/cgroup:/sys/fs/cgroup:ro \
-v $MIRRORDIR:/home/devel/mirror \
-v $HOME/agl-workspace:/xdt/workspace \

# Note: docker run creates the container from an image. When you restart this container at a later date, 
# you must to use the command "docker run containerID"
# docker start
# info: devel password is devel  
ssh -p 2222 localhost

2) Download the AGL distro source code

prepare_meta -f rel2.0 -o /xdt -l ~/mirror/ -t intel-corei7-64 -e wipeconfig "$@"

3) Clean all caches

rm -rf /xdt/sstate-cache/* /xdt/build/tmp/

4) source yocto and AFL build environment

source /xdt/build/agl-init-build-env

5) Build the AGL SDK

bitbake agl-demo-platform-crosssdk

6) Install the SDK

install_sdk /xdt/build/tmp/deploy/sdk/
# info: password is devel

7) Check that you see your SDK

tree -L 2 /xdt/sdk

Using the SDK

The documentation for using SDK for Intel and Porter is the same to the exception of the initialisation script.

source /xdt/sdk/environment-setup-corei7-64-poky-linux

Then the AGL documentation "AGL/Phase2 - Devkit - Build your 1st AGL Application" can be used.

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