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    1. Cluster: DENSO prepares demonstration on MinnorBoard Max. DONE.
    2. Upstream Inter-node display protocol: Renesas plugin to be cleaned up and merged to Wayland/Weston.
    3. Panasonic backend to be investigated and collaborated with Renesas plugin.
    4. gtk native on wayland to be investigated.
    5. Window manager on wayland to be investigated.
  1. bus_comparison: Pending. to be discussed more with TOYOTA.
    1. and Microchip will propose alternative solution of AMB.
    2. After CES, we shall discuss alternative;
      1. Which IPC is the best for this. Websocket or else to be anaylized.
      2. Filter
    3. High level signal binder.
    4. Low level: CAN, LIN, etc.
  1. Collaborating virtualization EG (first telco will : Graphic/GPU sharing, Audio Management)
    1. Jail house
    2. Virtual Open system: proprietary solution
    3. Xen
  • HMI designer from LF
    • ICON, background of HOMESCREEN: will be succeeded by Ohiwa-san from TOYOTA.
      • 10th of Feb: 9:00am timeslot in AGL AMM to discuss.
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