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   * Inter Display protocol to be discussed in SC as AGL activity.   * Inter Display protocol to be discussed in SC as AGL activity.
 +    * Tanibata will propose draft in Mailing list.
   * AGL Compositor   * AGL Compositor
     * Make weston core as a library     * Make weston core as a library
       * to be used by        * to be used by 
         * Weston process as a reference         * Weston process as a reference
-        * Qt compositor to support Propocol+        * Qt compositor to support ​wayland ​Propocol
         * Each supplier'​s compositor         * Each supplier'​s compositor
 +      * Tanibata will propse drfat in mainling list.
 +  * Audio Manager Plugin for Pulse Audio
 +    * Discussion just started from email to PA maintainer.
 +      * Manuel and Isogai: They agree to be merged to meta-agl. Both of them works together for this topics. ​
 +      * Please keep updating result of PA maintainer.
   * HomeScreen   * HomeScreen
 +    * To be checked with Jens.
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