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 +-Introduction from Manuel
 +-Source code available in Github.
 + ​https://​​Tarnyko/​agl-audio-plugin
 + ​https://​​gerrit/​gitweb?​p=AGL/​meta-agl.git;​a=shortlog;​h=refs/​heads/​sandbox/​mbc/​agl-audio-plugin
 +Japan F2F meeting for ALS demo, 22,23,24th of June:
 +- Audio topic, We will integrate Manuel-san'​s plugin and Isoga-san will merge Policy engine.
 +- Graphic: there are two options
 +   ​opt1) ​ Streaming video date via MOST.
 +          Device to receive data via MOST
 +            Tanibata will check the device is avail in DENSO/ADIT.
 +   ​opt2) ​ LVDS display directly output from port.
 +          Check if multiple display patch is applied on Weston, ivi-shell,
 +          and Wayland-IVI-extension.
 +- Browser integration
 +   how to integarate webkit on R-CAR.
 +   to be checked. ​
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