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– Audio Manager –

Collaboration with pulseAudio, Security framework, and Policy Engine - PulseAudio-agl: Origin from Tizen. And modified for AGL.

                Already Removed Murphy dendency.

- Interface between PulseAudio-agl and Policy Engine: TBD. Can be defined by Manual and Isogai. - Policy Engine: Small reference will be available at Next Wed, Thu.

               Simple fade out/in music player with catching telphone call.
                   Telphone call: emulating this by command line.
                   Another opition: Car Navigation voice guideance interrupt.

- Security Framework:

               this framework can filter dbus or socket because SMACK.
               Security can apply later.

– Webkit – WebkitForWayland is enalbed on MinnorMax. But not for Porter. Who enalbe this on Porter. → AI: Tanibata will confirm who can support this feature.

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